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Executive Chef

Tampa Executive Chef, Bobby Anderson

Executive Chef Bobby Anderson is a Florida native. He is also the owner the of ACI Catering. Bobby has a wealth of experience working and training with Top Executive Chefs around the World. He has trained in the United States and many places all over the world like Germany, Greece, Turkey, Italy, The Netherlands and Belgium.

In the 23 years that Bobby served in the Army, he had the privilege to cooking for numerous senior Military Officials. The list includes President Bill Clinton, Vice President Dick Cheney, Alexander Haig, Madeline Albright, Mrs. Clinton. He has prepared meals for numerous Congressmen, Senators, Heads of State and other prominent figures. He also served Hank Aaron and his wife, Billye Williams. Executive Chef Anderson has competed in both Military and Civilian Culinary Arts Competitions. He has 23 medals in many different Categories.

After retiring from the Military, Executive Chef Anderson moved his family to the Tampa area. He specializes in three and four course Gourmet meals cooked to your taste. Executive Chef Anderson concentrates on personal, professional service. His staff has all been personally trained by him and all work to his unyielding standards.